Middleburg Horse Trials Sponsors

A Special Thanks...

... to the following people for donation of lessons and other therapies for prizes...
Skeyler Icky Voss, Sharon White, Stephen Bradley, Lynn Symansky, David O’Connor, Allison Springer, Lauren Nicholson, Karen O’Connor, Jan Byyny, Mara DePuy, Meghan O’Donoghue, Martin’s Douzant, Chris Talley, Hannah Salazar, Ema Klougman, Kelli Temple and Kate Chadderton.

We also have prize donations of 3 theraplate sessions from Cali Johnson and a 1 hour massage from Angie Cooney


Rally Registration - New Procedures!

New Registration Procedures for Rallies!

Please note, the following new procedures have been implemented due to changes in the Virginia Region Pony Club web site. These are significantly different from prior years, so please read carefully and follow all instructions.

  • All members will need to have a log in and password account with the Virginia Region Pony Club at www.wrponyclub.org. This is the regional web site where all rally registrations are managed. The email address associated with your account is editable by you at any time. Whichever login you use will be the email that receives all system notifications of upcoming events, membership renewals, event reminder emails, etc.
  • All Rally entries are to be made electronically by each individual member using the entry forms attached to the VRPC calendar and followed up with payment and other paperwork requested. Please click the Calendar link above and navigate to the desired date to download a specific rally invitation and entry forms.
  • When you register for a VRPC rally or activity, an invoice is generated by the system and emailed to you. You will now pay the invoice yourself at the time of registration via credit card or mail a check to VRPC Treasurer Vicki Golden.
  • As in the past, if you are a current, active member of MOCPC, the Club will subsidize 50 percent of your rally entry. Due to the change in the VRPC process, however, reimbursement for 50 percent of the rally fee will occur AFTER the member participates in the rally. The Club coordinator in charge of the rally will be responsible for informing the treasurer of all rally participants and reimbursement checks will subsequently be mailed to participants.
  • The Virginia Region Pony Club has a set of helpful FAQs on their web site. In addition, your club leadership and rally coordinators are always available to help you and you will find their contact information on common listserve postings.


MOC Rally & Regional Activity Questionaire

Let's plan ahead now for the Rally & Clinic season. It's just around the corner! 

To help prepare our members & their families, please take a few minutes to respond to the 2016 MOC Rally & Regional Activity Questionaire. Indicate your member's level of interest in competing or participating in Virginia Region Pony Club Rallies and Activities. This is a level of interest survey only and to let you know what VA Region activities will be happening in the coming year. You are not required to participate in anything based on your responses given here. 

Please submit your responses NOW!  THANK YOU!