Middleburg Orange Pony Club and Middleburg Horse Trials


The Middleburg Orange County Pony Club (MOCPC) has just signed a contract to move the Middleburg Horse Trial to Great Meadow. We are extremely excited by the change in venue as this is the home of the only International team Competition run in the United States (Brook Ledge Great Meadow International FEI Eventing Nations Cup).

We would really like to have you volunteer this year at the new venue at Great Meadow. This year we are using the USEA Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) to coordinate our volunteers. You can sign up directly or we can sign you up.

We are using this system because it makes coordinating and contacting our volunteers much easier. This system also keeps records of volunteer hours across most of the USEA horse trials in the area and has annual prizes.

One added benefit this year is that we are giving a cross country schooling pass to all our volunteers, which can be used at Great Meadow the Tuesday after the MHT (June 12) from 8AM – 1PM.

To sign up as a volunteer go to https://www.eventingvolunteers.com/ and register if you are not already enrolled in the system. You will receive an email asking you to confirm your enrollment. After confirming your registration as a volunteer, you can go to the Middleburg Horse Trials VIP site and sign up for a job - https://www.eventingvolunteers.com/events/408 . Alternatively, you can just email ssymansky@gmail.com and say what job you want and he will enroll you in the system.

Additionally, if you would like to volunteer at the Brook Ledge Great Meadow International, please do so at https://www.eventingvolunteers.com/events/306 .

The Middleburg Horse Trials is the most important fund-raising activity for the Middleburg Orange County Pony Club!  This event provides funds to enable the Club to subsidize activities to further the horsemanship of our members.  We cannot host these events without the legion of volunteers who make them possible.  If you are interested in volunteering at our competitions, please fill out our form online and let us know!

Hope to see you in June!

The Middleburg Horse Trial and MOCPC Organizing Committee