Middleburg Orange Pony Club and Middleburg Horse Trials

MHT Ride Times

2017 Ride Times for the Middleburg Horse Trials have been posted below as of June 8, 2017 @ 10:06 PM. These may be updated further so please check back.

Any rider with multiple rides will be allowed some flexibility for SJ and XC. They must all ride their dressage on the scheduled times. If the multiple rides are in the same level they can choose to ride one horse through SJ and XC and then ride the next horse or run both SJ and then both XC. However they must finish SJ and XC before the levels have finished and courses change. If riders have any questions regarding their times they can contact Steve Symansky at ssymansky@gmail.com.

For those riders that do not show divisions or times, that is because they have not paid their fees. They must contact the secretary to make payment arrangements and receive their times. IF payment is not paid it is possible their spot may be given to riders that still want to enter the horse trial.

ORIGINAL POSTING JUNE 7, 2017 - 9:39 PM ET - LAST UPDATED JUNE 8, 2017 @ 10:06 PM ET 

First LastHorse NameDivision PublishDress DayDress timePublishStadium Time PublishxctimepublishTIPPmissing informationStable
Carla Abramcheck Swan’s Legacy NSr1 Sun 9:46 AM 12:48 PM 1:08 PM     No
Michelle Adamson A Taboo Question OBN2 Sun 3:10 PM 4:08 PM 4:28 PM yes   No
Hannah Aloumouati Clearing ON2 Sun 8:24 AM 11:40 AM 12:00 PM yes   No
Cindy Anderson-Blank Campari De la Galerna OT1 Sat 8:00 AM 12:37 PM 12:57 PM no   No
Cindy Anderson-Blank Windchase Ballinvella OT2 Sat 12:12 PM 2:19 PM 2:39 PM no   No
Cindy Anderson-Blank Windchase Castle Comer ON1 Sun 8:24 AM 11:08 AM 11:28 AM no coggins not sent, Horse USEA # missing, changed divison and horse; need entry; owe 50 No
Cindy Anderson-Blank Dallo de la Galerma OBN1 Sun 1:52 PM 3:22 PM 3:42 PM no   No
Cindy Anderson-Blank Wind Walker ON1 Sun 9:24 AM 11:28 AM 11:48 AM no   No
Elaina Anglin Wingman OP Sat 8:30 AM 11:15 AM 11:35 AM     Yes
Genevieve Arens Acheron   Sat         Signatures not complete; Late fee owe 276 No
Bethany Astorino Partly Puzzled OBN2 Sun 2:10 PM 3:48 PM 4:08 PM     No
Kristin Bachman Coltrane OT1 Sat 9:00 AM 12:57 PM 1:17 PM   Late fee owe 50 No
Leah Backus Diamond of Truth BNJrYr Sun 3:14 PM 4:30 PM 4:50 PM     Yes
Lauren Balcomb SL Belly   Sat       no coggins not sent, need entry; late entry; owe 289 No
Lisa Banister Cannoneer OBN2 Sun 2:40 PM 3:58 PM 4:18 PM     No
Jessica Banks Astroboy OBN2 Sun 2:46 PM 4:00 PM 4:20 PM   Signatures not complete; No
Victoria Bendure Irish Riddler TSr Sat 10:22 AM 1:45 PM 2:05 PM     No
Robin Bickel Rocky TSr Sat 10:40 AM 1:51 PM 2:11 PM     No
Audra Bielke Fletcher Christian OBN2 Sun 2:34 PM 3:56 PM 4:16 PM   coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; No
Delia-Anne Biondi Flashback ON2 Sun 8:00 AM 11:32 AM 11:52 AM     No
Tim Bourke Looks Quality OT3 Sat 1:42 PM 3:17 PM 3:37 PM no   No
Tim Bourke Quality Joe OP Sat 8:06 AM 11:03 AM 11:23 AM no   No
Tim Bourke Lennard OP Sat 9:00 AM 11:30 AM 11:50 AM no    
Shannon Bower PL Quintessential NSr1 Sun 10:22 AM 1:00 PM 1:20 PM   Signatures not complete; No
Jean Bowman Wahoo Legal OT3 Sat 1:48 PM 3:19 PM 3:39 PM yes   No
Stephen Bradley Armicor OT3 Sat 12:48 PM 2:59 PM 3:19 PM no owe 10 No
Francesca Broggini Cooley High Flyer OT2 Sat 1:18 PM 2:41 PM 3:01 PM   coggins not sent, late fee; owe 50  
Carin Brown Bigtime Riptide NSr1 Sun 10:04 AM 12:54 PM 1:14 PM   Signatures not complete; No
Johanna Burton All That Jazz OBN1 Sun 1:46 PM 3:20 PM 3:40 PM     No
Jan Byyny Dashwood OP Sat 8:48 AM 11:24 AM 11:44 AM no   No
Jan Byyny Volcan de Caverie OP Sat 8:00 AM 11:00 AM 11:20 AM no   No
Jan Byyny Kortina   Sun         coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; Late fee owe 271 No
V. Bennett Camp-Crowder Rosalind OT2 Sat 1:00 PM 2:35 PM 2:55 PM   Signatures not complete; No
Kathleen Cannon Tribal Prospect NSr1 Sun 10:28 AM 1:02 PM 1:22 PM yes   No
Kathleen Carr QLE Positron OT2 Sat 12:30 PM 2:25 PM 2:45 PM     No
Gigi Carter Whimsical ON1 Sun 9:30 AM 11:30 AM 11:50 AM no   No
Madeline Cindric Sweet Soliloquy BNJrYr Sun 3:26 PM 4:34 PM 4:54 PM yes   No
Mary Clare Furl the Main OT3 Sat 1:18 PM 3:09 PM 3:29 PM yes Coupon expired - owe 60 No
Jennifer Cobb Little Sorrow TSr Sat 11:22 AM 2:05 PM 2:25 PM     No
Ainsley Colgan Liberty River BNJrYr Sun 2:20 PM 4:12 PM 4:32 PM no   No
Ainsley Colgan Paddington Bear OBN1 Sun 1:04 PM 3:06 PM 3:26 PM     No
Mimi Combs Aristocrat OBN1 Sun 12:52 PM 3:02 PM 3:22 PM   muck fee deposit missing, Missing starter fee -owe 21 Yes
Karen Conk Flux Capacitor OT2 Sat 12:42 PM 2:29 PM 2:49 PM     No
Erika Cook Idlehour Grace ON2 Sun 8:12 AM 11:36 AM 11:56 AM     No
Georgia Cooley Dollar Bill BNJrYr Sun 2:44 PM 4:20 PM 4:40 PM     No
Amira Cooney Pistachio BNJrYr Sun 3:32 PM 4:36 PM 4:56 PM     No
Gary Coppage Integrity OBN2 Sun 2:58 PM 4:04 PM 4:24 PM no   No
Kem Courtenay Young Lad NSr1 Sun 10:10 AM 12:56 PM 1:16 PM     No
Brighton Craig Riot's Fabulous NJrYr Sun 10:46 AM 12:32 PM 12:52 PM   Late fee owe 50 No
Brittany Crandall Lady Wheaton TSr Sat 10:46 AM 1:53 PM 2:13 PM     No
Shannon Daily Pitt Maneuver NSr1 Sun 10:58 AM 1:12 PM 1:32 PM yes muck fee deposit missing, Yes
Karen Davenport Alhambra De La Galerna NSr1 Sun 9:58 AM 12:52 PM 1:12 PM     No
Lindy Davenport Dazzlin Dr Cologne NJrYr Sun 11:10 AM 12:40 PM 1:00 PM yes   No
Katie Davis Big Breeze OP Sat 8:12 AM 11:06 AM 11:26 AM     No
Pamela Davis Finn OBN1 Sun 1:58 PM 3:24 PM 3:44 PM     No
Stephanie Davis Cooley Quality Q OT3 Sat 1:36 PM 3:15 PM 3:35 PM   Missing grounds fee owe 10 No
Laura DeAngelo Raptana High ON1 Sun 8:42 AM 11:14 AM 11:34 AM     No
Ashley Douzant Frame Abdullah de la Folie ON1 Sun 9:18 AM 11:26 AM 11:46 AM   coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; No
Martin Douzant Shannondale Cooley OT3 Sat 1:54 PM 3:21 PM 3:41 PM   Signatures not complete; Need rider signature No
Martin Douzant UBquiet OT1 Sat 8:18 AM 12:43 PM 1:03 PM     No
Martin Douzant Frame Glengold ON1 Sun 9:12 AM 11:24 AM 11:44 AM   coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; No
Katelyn Duda Will You Remember Me NJrYr Sun 10:28 AM 12:26 PM 12:46 PM no   No
Amber Duncan Renegade OBN1 Sun 1:22 PM 3:12 PM 3:32 PM no you are owed a refund of 10 No
Carly Easton Brazen Bomber TSr Sat 9:58 AM 1:37 PM 1:57 PM no owe 15 No
Paul Ebersole Waterline OT3 Sat 12:30 PM 2:53 PM 3:13 PM     No
Svenja Eckert Kingmaker OP Sat 8:54 AM 11:27 AM 11:47 AM   After closing date - late fee owe 50  
Carly Eddahri La Perle Noire OBN1 Sun 12:46 PM 3:00 PM 3:20 PM     No
Christine Ehlers Stonewall Skipper OT2 Sat 12:36 PM 2:27 PM 2:47 PM no   No
Karen Eichert Trumbull OBN1 Sun 1:10 PM 3:08 PM 3:28 PM no   No
Lindsey Ekanger Jump Lightly BNJrYr Sun 2:56 PM 4:24 PM 4:44 PM     No
Shannon Ellis Femme Fatale NJrYr Sun 10:04 AM 12:18 PM 12:38 PM   coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; No
Edward Ewbank All That Jazz OP Sat 8:36 AM 11:18 AM 11:38 AM   Missing grounds fee and USEF admin fee 
owe 18
Edward Ewbank Sushi OT2 Sat 1:42 PM 2:49 PM 3:09 PM   Missing grounds fee - owe 10 No
Jessica Farah Ice Charm NSr1 Sun 10:52 AM 1:10 PM 1:30 PM yes   No
Sandy Felker Benjamin Button NSr1 Sun 10:46 AM 1:08 PM 1:28 PM yes    
Kristina Foltz Wasabi NSr2 Sun 12:08 PM 1:42 PM 2:02 PM   Signatures not complete; muck fee deposit missing,  Yes
Nina Fout Fire Falls OT1 Sat 8:54 AM 12:55 PM 1:15 PM no   No
Melissa Fox Diamond Legacy TSr Sat 10:04 AM 1:39 PM 1:59 PM yes   No
Angie Francart Ark of Ages OBN2 Sun 2:04 PM 3:46 PM 4:06 PM no   No
Angie Francart Lion TSr Sat 10:52 AM 1:55 PM 2:15 PM no    
Macy Franchebois Indelible NJrYr Sun 10:58 AM 12:36 PM 12:56 PM     No
Colin Fraser Rihan Blue ON1 Sun 9:06 AM 11:22 AM 11:42 AM   Signatures not complete; No
Colin Fraser Waltzing Matilda OBN1 Sun 2:04 PM 3:26 PM 3:46 PM   Signatures not complete; No
Adelaide French Rockview Mr. Diamond OT1 Sat 9:36 AM 1:09 PM 1:29 PM     No
Joanne Gelarden Lascaux OT3 Sat 12:54 PM 3:01 PM 3:21 PM yes Missed grounds fee owe 10 No
Mary Ann Ghadban Capture the Spirit OBN1 Sun 1:40 PM 3:18 PM 3:38 PM   Signatures not complete; No
Elizabeth Goldstein Cuckoo Bananas ON2 Sun 9:00 AM 11:52 AM 12:12 PM     No
Tori Gongwer Slim Jim   Sat         coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; need entry; owe 226  
Sarah Greenway Luckaun Cruising Quality ON2 Sun 8:48 AM 11:48 AM 12:08 PM   muck fee deposit missing, Yes
Mackenzie Grove Waquoit's Diamond NJrYr Sun 10:52 AM 12:34 PM 12:54 PM     No
Kyra Gustavus Tudor Prince BNJrYr Sun 3:08 PM 4:28 PM 4:48 PM no   No
Rebecca Hagy Boogaloo NJrYr Sun 10:40 AM 12:30 PM 12:50 PM     No
Lisa Hannan Skys the Limit NSr1 Sun 11:04 AM 1:14 PM 1:34 PM   Signatures not complete; No
Sofie Harangozo Einstein's Nobel Prize TJrYR Sat 11:10 AM 1:33 PM 1:53 PM     No
Katie Hasse Kipling OT2 Sat 1:06 PM 2:37 PM 2:57 PM     No
Brittany Hebets MTF Bugatti TSr Sat 11:04 AM 1:59 PM 2:19 PM   coggins out of date and did not indicate new one to be sent, Late Fee, grounds fee missing, starter fee missing owe 81 No
Helen Hickson Ballyneety Marion TSr Sat 10:58 AM 1:57 PM 2:17 PM   Signatures not complete; No
Deborah Hunt Big Bad Tattoo NSr1 Sun 9:52 AM 12:50 PM 1:10 PM     No
Skyeler Icke Voss Kontiki OBN2 Sun 2:52 PM 4:02 PM 4:22 PM   Late fee, USEA starter fee missing, grounds fee missing owe 81 No
Carolyn Johnson Black Label TSr Sat 10:16 AM 1:43 PM 2:03 PM yes   No
Emma Keahon Wil'ya Love Me OP Sat 9:24 AM 11:42 AM 12:02 PM     No
Lindsay Kelley Ricochete ON2 Sun 9:12 AM 11:56 AM 12:16 PM     No
Lindsay Kelley Sir Galahad ON1 Sun 8:00 AM 11:00 AM 11:20 AM   Change fee; changed division and horse owe 50 No
Mary Kreider Lusi NSr1 Sun 10:34 AM 1:04 PM 1:24 PM     No
Caitlin Kuczynski Fernhill Showboat OT1 Sat 8:12 AM 12:41 PM 1:01 PM   muck fee deposit missing, owe 30 Yes
Caitlin Kuczynski Fernhill Blueprint OT3 Sat 2:00 PM 3:23 PM 3:43 PM   muck fee deposit missing, owe 30 Yes
Leslie Lamb Cherished Friend ON1 Sun 8:48 AM 11:16 AM 11:36 AM     No
Leslie Lamb Quinn Lane OT2 Sat 1:24 PM 2:43 PM 3:03 PM   coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; No
Colette Leber Indian Summer’s Kaylee TJrYR Sat 10:28 AM 1:19 PM 1:39 PM no double paid the stall fee -you are owed a refund of 80 Yes
Victoria Lecce MillionDollar Millie NJrYr Sun 10:10 AM 12:20 PM 12:40 PM     Yes
Lance LeClair Missy Clare NSr2 Sun 12:14 PM 1:44 PM 2:04 PM   Missed grounds fee owe 10 No
Rebecca Lee Bradley Cooper OT2 Sat 1:36 PM 2:47 PM 3:07 PM     No
Abigail Lindsay Adagio NJrYr Sun 11:04 AM 12:38 PM 12:58 PM     No
Brynn Littlehale Kilbunny Amigo OP Sat 9:30 AM 11:45 AM 12:05 PM     No
Brynn Littlehale Lagerfeld OT1 Sat 8:48 AM 12:53 PM 1:13 PM     No
Alexandra Major My Security Blanket TJrYR Sat 10:46 AM 1:25 PM 1:45 PM     No
Clare Mansmann Noosh's Tale OBN2 Sun 1:40 PM 3:38 PM 3:58 PM     No
Clare Mansmann Bodza OBN1 Sun 12:28 PM 2:54 PM 3:14 PM     No
Thomas Mansmann Duncan OBN2 Sun 2:28 PM 3:54 PM 4:14 PM     No
Thomas Mansmann Tulipan OBN1 Sun 1:34 PM 3:16 PM 3:36 PM     No
Kurt Martin D.A. Cruiselands OT2 Sat 1:48 PM 2:51 PM 3:11 PM     No
Kate Mason Wishing Can Be Fun ON2 Sun 9:06 AM 11:54 AM 12:14 PM yes   Yes
Kate Mason Justice League ON1 Sun 8:18 AM 11:06 AM 11:26 AM yes muck fee deposit missing, need entry; late change and stable; owe 90 Yes
Angelique Mason-Miller Stella Moon OT3 Sat 12:36 PM 2:55 PM 3:15 PM     No
Becky Maticic Dark Secrets OT2 Sat 1:12 PM 2:39 PM 2:59 PM     No
Diane McCool The Doc Is In NSr2 Sun 12:32 PM 1:50 PM 2:10 PM     No
Julia McElligott Time for Roses TJrYR Sat 10:16 AM 1:15 PM 1:35 PM     No
Morgan McGrath Mizz Indy Cat TJrYR Sat 10:52 AM 1:27 PM 1:47 PM yes   No
Christina McKitrick Lotte Lenya Q OT3 Sat 1:12 PM 3:07 PM 3:27 PM     No
Colleen McKitrick Windchase Brego OBN2 Sun 1:58 PM 3:44 PM 4:04 PM     No
Sean McQuillan Fulham   Sun         payment due; owe 271 No
Christine Meyer Escapade TSr Sat 10:34 AM 1:49 PM 2:09 PM     No
Laura Millerick Tully Mac's Weatherman NSr1 Sun 10:40 AM 1:06 PM 1:26 PM     No
Leslie Mintz Astaire To The Future NSr1 Sun 10:16 AM 12:58 PM 1:18 PM     No
Julia Mitchell Tapdance OBN2 Sun 3:16 PM 4:10 PM 4:30 PM     No
Darrin Mollett Beverley’s Clueso TSr Sat 9:52 AM 1:35 PM 1:55 PM no    
Darrin Mollett Beverly’s Get Even OT1 Sat 8:30 AM 12:47 PM 1:07 PM no   No
Darrin Mollett Beverly’s Bebop OT2 Sat 12:24 PM 2:23 PM 2:43 PM no   No
James Moore DeAngelo OBN1 Sun 1:28 PM 3:14 PM 3:34 PM   coggins not sent, No
James Moore Saved the Best OBN2 Sun 2:22 PM 3:52 PM 4:12 PM   coggins not sent, No
Cindi Moravec Holloway NSr2 Sun 12:38 PM 1:52 PM 2:12 PM yes   No
Erin Murphy Dominus OBN2 Sun 2:16 PM 3:50 PM 4:10 PM     No
Erin Murphy Cooley All Business OT3 Sat 1:24 PM 3:11 PM 3:31 PM   Late fee, Grounds fee missing, USEA starter fee missing owe 81 No
Margaret Nash Chris's Symphony NSr2 Sun 11:56 AM 1:38 PM 1:58 PM yes   Yes
Brittany Nowacki Highly Prized NJrYr Sun 9:52 AM 12:14 PM 12:34 PM      
Rachel Nymeyer Higher Calling OT3 Sat 12:42 PM 2:57 PM 3:17 PM no coggins not sent, owe 10 No
Meghan O’Donoghue Scottiforgottee ON2 Sun 8:18 AM 11:38 AM 11:58 AM no   No
Caitlin O'Roark On A Mission NJrYr Sun 10:16 AM 12:22 PM 12:42 PM     No
Sharon Odenkirk Silk Slipper ON2 Sun 8:30 AM 11:42 AM 12:02 PM yes   No
Sharon Odenkirk Pocomoonshine OT1 Sat 9:06 AM 12:59 PM 1:19 PM yes   No
Courtney Olmstead Baker Street OT1 Sat 9:24 AM 1:05 PM 1:25 PM no   No
Courtney Olmstead Claire ON1 Sun 8:36 AM 11:12 AM 11:32 AM     No
Courtney Olmstead Eliza Do A Lot OT2 Sat 12:18 PM 2:21 PM 2:41 PM     No
Elizabeth Olmstead Cooley Cloud Nine OT1 Sat 8:42 AM 12:51 PM 1:11 PM no   No
Elizabeth Olmstead Lapin Rouge ON2 Sun 8:42 AM 11:46 AM 12:06 PM no    
Kiki Osbourne Galvani ON2 Sun 8:36 AM 11:44 AM 12:04 PM   coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; muck fee deposit missing, Yes
Katherine Owens Party of One OBN1 Sun 12:40 PM 2:58 PM 3:18 PM      
Silvio Pappalardo He's My Rock NSr2 Sun 12:20 PM 1:46 PM 2:06 PM yes   No
Kathryn Partigan Reve OBN2 Sun 1:46 PM 3:40 PM 4:00 PM     No
Megan Pazzanese Book of Eli NJrYr Sun 9:58 AM 12:16 PM 12:36 PM     No
Katerina Pecinovsky Coffee Break OBN1 Sun 12:34 PM 2:56 PM 3:16 PM     No
Chandler Perdue Here Comes The Judge BNJrYr Sun 2:38 PM 4:18 PM 4:38 PM     No
Casey Poe Hershey TJrYR Sat 10:58 AM 1:29 PM 1:49 PM     No
Colby Poe Liberty Bell BNJrYr Sun 2:26 PM 4:14 PM 4:34 PM     No
Connor Poe Grey Goose NJrYr Sun 11:22 AM 12:44 PM 1:04 PM     No
Kathryn Poos Motocross OP Sat 8:18 AM 11:09 AM 11:29 AM     Yes
Nichole Purcell Bubbles BNJrYr Sun 3:38 PM 4:38 PM 4:58 PM   Signatures not complete; No
Megan Reilly Tori’s Run NSr2 Sun 11:26 AM 1:28 PM 1:48 PM no   No
Gabriella Rogers Epona's Mighty Warrior NJrYr Sun 11:16 AM 12:42 PM 1:02 PM     Yes
Louis Rogers Mighty Himself OT3 Sat 1:06 PM 3:05 PM 3:25 PM     Yes
Ellis Rold Fernhill Spring Lightly OT1 Sat 8:24 AM 12:45 PM 1:05 PM no Signatures not complete; Change fee owe 55 No
Victoria Rosenblatt Centerfold OP Sat 9:36 AM 11:48 AM 12:08 PM   Signatures not complete; No
Jillian Rozga Angel in Disguise BNJrYr Sun 3:02 PM 4:26 PM 4:46 PM   coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; No
Melinda Rozga-Moore Mistaken Identity OBN2 Sun 1:52 PM 3:42 PM 4:02 PM   coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; No
Tess Sandberg Colonial Jones   Sun         coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; Horse USEA # missing, owe 271  
Claudia Sarnoff Fernhill Phish OT1 Sat 9:12 AM 1:01 PM 1:21 PM no   No
Alyssa Schmitt Crown Of Stars ON1 Sun 8:12 AM 11:04 AM 11:24 AM no   No
Alyssa Schmitt Ilaria ON1 Sun 8:54 AM 11:18 AM 11:38 AM no   No
Alyssa Schmitt Le Toreador ON2 Sun 9:24 AM 12:00 PM 12:20 PM no   No
Nikolaus Schmitt Cardavi ON2 Sun 9:18 AM 11:58 AM 12:18 PM no    
Nikolaus Schmitt Of All The Money ON1 Sun 8:06 AM 11:02 AM 11:22 AM no   No
Mary Schwentker Cactus Dazzler OT2 Sat 12:54 PM 2:33 PM 2:53 PM     No
Anna Short Lochlan TJrYR Sat 10:22 AM 1:17 PM 1:37 PM yes   No
Curran Simpson RF Cosmos OT1 Sat 8:36 AM 12:49 PM 1:09 PM     No
Austin Skeens Rocmaster TJrYR Sat 10:10 AM 1:13 PM 1:33 PM     Yes
Maya Small Loki TJrYR Sat 10:34 AM 1:21 PM 1:41 PM no   No
Nicole Smith Royal United's Chancellor ON1 Sun 8:30 AM 11:10 AM 11:30 AM     No
Isabella Soon Dark Star BNJrYr Sun 2:50 PM 4:22 PM 4:42 PM     No
Sherry Stephenson Pygmalion Prince TSr Sat 10:28 AM 1:47 PM 2:07 PM   coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; No
Rachel Strein Tenacious Joe NSr2 Sun 11:44 AM 1:34 PM 1:54 PM     No
Lynn Symansky Cooley Sky High OT1 Sat 9:18 AM 1:03 PM 1:23 PM     No
Lynn Symansky Strattonstown Lewis OT1 Sat 8:06 AM 12:39 PM 12:59 PM no   No
Lynn Symansky Providence’s Maxwell OP Sat 8:42 AM 11:21 AM 11:41 AM no   No
Jaclyn Thomas Aella OBN2 Sun 3:04 PM 4:06 PM 4:26 PM     No
Francesca Toms Top Secret NJrYr Sun 10:34 AM 12:28 PM 12:48 PM     Yes
Kendyl Tracy Uptown Indy ON2 Sun 8:54 AM 11:50 AM 12:10 PM yes   No
Stephanie Traylor My Baby Grand TSr Sat 11:10 AM 2:01 PM 2:21 PM     No
Sally Turner LHF Chaucer NSr2 Sun 11:32 AM 1:30 PM 1:50 PM     No
Madeleine Wallach Belle Grey's Galliano TJrYR Sat 10:40 AM 1:23 PM 1:43 PM   Grounds fee missing - owe 10  
Wendy Wentorf-Owens Landrada OT1 Sat 9:30 AM 1:07 PM 1:27 PM     No
Anna White Rocking The Ark NSr2 Sun 12:26 PM 1:48 PM 2:08 PM   Signatures not complete; Late fee 
owe 50
Alexandra Wikstrom Secret Asset NSr2 Sun 11:38 AM 1:32 PM 1:52 PM yes   No
Lindsay Woods Austin TJrYR Sat 11:04 AM 1:31 PM 1:51 PM     No
Louisa Woodville PL Luckys Empress TSr Sat 10:10 AM 1:41 PM 2:01 PM   Signatures not complete; No
Aubrie Wyatt Mint Julep NJrYr Sun 10:22 AM 12:24 PM 12:44 PM      
Michaela Yowaiski Darla Doll OP Sat 9:12 AM 11:36 AM 11:56 AM no   No
Jami Zehner Rondeau OBN1 Sun 1:16 PM 3:10 PM 3:30 PM   muck fee deposit missing, Yes
Beth Zielinski Flambeau B NSr2 Sun 11:50 AM 1:36 PM 1:56 PM     No
Will Zuschlag Go Happy OP Sat 9:42 AM 11:51 AM 12:11 PM     No

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