Middleburg Orange Pony Club and Middleburg Horse Trials

MHT Ride Times

2018 Ride Times for the Middleburg Horse Trials are now posted below as of June 8, 2018 at 7:19 am. Times may be updated through June 8 so please check back just prior to the start of the event on Saturday, June 9, 2018.

Any rider with multiple rides will be allowed some flexibility for SJ and XC. They must all ride their dressage on the scheduled times. If the multiple rides are in the same level they can choose to ride one horse through SJ and XC and then ride the next horse or run both SJ and then both XC. However they must finish SJ and XC before the levels have finished and courses change. If riders have any questions regarding their times they can contact Steve Symansky at ssymansky@gmail.com.

For those riders that do not show divisions or times, that is because they have not paid their fees. They must contact the secretary to make payment arrangements and receive their times. IF payment is not paid it is possible their spot may be given to riders that still want to enter the horse trial.

First LastHorse NameDivisionDress DayDress timeStadium TimeXCountry Timemissing informationtipp #
Carla Abramcheck Perla Dubh TSr Sat 11:58AM 1:53PM 2:13PM    
Michelle Adamson A Taboo Question NSr1 Sun 9:30AM 12:12PM 12:32PM   300016243
Georgia Allen Lassiter BNSr Sun 2:00PM 3:34PM 3:54PM    
Shannon Allen KD Mac NSr1 Sun 9:24AM 12:10PM 12:30PM   300013922
Cindy Anderson-Blank Windchase Castle Comer TH Sat 2:12PM 3:35PM 3:55PM    
Cindy Anderson-Blank Galerna Campari Mail OP2 Sat 9:30AM 11:43AM 12:03PM Signatures not complete;  
Cindy Anderson-Blank Longstride NH Sun 8:18AM 10:36AM 10:56AM    
Cindy Anderson-Blank My Pumpkin Pie ON1 Sun 9:42AM 11:40AM 12:00PM Signatures not complete; 300007329
Elaina Anglin Wingman OP1 Sat 9:42AM 10:51AM 11:11AM Signatures not complete;  
Kara Angulo Cicero ON2 Sun 1:18PM 2:26PM 2:46PM Signatures not complete;  
Emma Ayre My Jersey Boy ON1 Sun 8:18AM 11:12AM 11:32AM    
Sarah Baker Neat Matakana OP2 Sat 9:54AM 11:51AM 12:11PM    
Brooke Bayley Unbroken ON2 Sun 12:06PM 2:02PM 2:22PM coggins not sent,  
Kate Bearer Olive NJr Sun 10:16AM 12:44PM 1:04PM Signatures not complete;  
Jennifer Berdell Open Road NSr1 Sun 8:48AM 11:58AM 12:18PM   300010584
Emily Beshear LVS Jackson OT Sat 10:00AM 1:09PM 1:29PM    
Jane Beshear Mountain Light NSr1 Sun 9:00AM 12:02PM 12:22PM    
Robin Bickel Rocky TSr Sat 10:52AM 1:31PM 1:51PM    
Audra Bielke Fletcher Christian BNSr Sun 1:12PM 3:18PM 3:38PM    
Maegen Bingham Norman OT Sat 10:18AM 1:15PM 1:35PM    
Dana Bivens My Boy Tex TH Sat 1:42PM 3:25PM 3:45PM    
Laila Bolsteins Sabino Canyon ON1 Sun 9:12AM 11:30AM 11:50AM   300008931
Ashley Bonner Cruise Over Clover TSr Sat 11:16AM 1:39PM 1:59PM   300004391
Morgan Booth No More Rocks TSr Sat 10:22AM 1:21PM 1:41PM    
Jessica Bortner-Harris Island Rendition OBN Sun 3:40PM 4:52PM 5:12PM owe 20  
Jessica Bortner-Harris Bishop de Selah OBN Sun 2:16PM 4:24PM 4:44PM    
Jessica Bowen Astroboy NSr1 Sun 8:00AM 11:42AM 12:02PM owe 20 300011025
Celia Boyd Above & Beyond NJr Sun 10:22AM 12:46PM 1:06PM    
Stephen Bradley Dollar Mountain NH Sun 8:30AM 10:40AM 11:00AM   300011711
Brittany Bradshaw Tilt-A-Whirl NJr Sun 11:10AM 1:02PM 1:22PM   300019359
Carolyn Briggs Kaiya TSr Sat 10:28AM 1:23PM 1:43PM    
Carin Brown Bigtime Riptide TSr Sat 10:34AM 1:25PM 1:45PM    
Jaiden Buckhout Harleyquin BNJrYr Sun 1:54PM 4:14PM 4:34PM    
Bennett Camp-Crowder Rosalind OP2 Sat 8:18AM 11:15AM 11:35AM    
Tiffany Catledge New Yorker OBN Sun 3:28PM 4:48PM 5:08PM   300021598
Tiffany Catledge Ceasar Windsor Z NH Sun 8:54AM 10:48AM 11:08AM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Mary-Cooke Catlett Cobblestone Roxanne BNJrYr Sun 1:42PM 4:10PM 4:30PM    
Cherie Chauvin No Objection ON1 Sun 9:24AM 11:34AM 11:54AM    
Madison Chisholm Beechcraft TJrYr Sat 12:22PM 2:31PM 2:51PM    
Madison Chisholm Space Ranger BNJrYr Sun 1:00PM 3:56PM 4:16PM    
Sharon Church Rose and Crown OP1 Sat 9:00AM 10:30AM 10:50AM   300017506
Mary Clare Furl the Main TSr Sat 11:52AM 1:51PM 2:11PM    
Alexis Clymore Salute the Captain TJrYr Sat 10:46AM 1:59PM 2:19PM    
Jennifer Cobb Little Sorrow OP1 Sat 8:48AM 10:24AM 10:44AM    
Barbara Cohen-King Lonesome Irish Dawn BNSr Sun 2:30PM 3:44PM 4:04PM late fee; ; owe 50  
Ainsley Colgan Controlled Neglect NJr Sun 9:58AM 12:38PM 12:58PM   300013335
Ainsley Colgan Bay NJr Sun 11:40AM 1:12PM 1:32PM   300018626
Emily Collins Roxy Hart NSr2 Sun 11:40AM 1:48PM 2:08PM    
Mark Combs Phineus Flynn OP2 Sat 9:06AM 11:35AM 11:55AM owner sig not correct; ; Signatures not complete;  
Mimi Combs Mindful ON1 Sun 9:18AM 11:32AM 11:52AM    
Mimi Combs Aristocrat NH Sun 8:12AM 10:34AM 10:54AM   300018804
Karen Conk Flux Capacitor OT Sat 9:12AM 12:53PM 1:13PM   300006294
Denise Connelly Cat In The Hat ON1 Sun 8:30AM 11:16AM 11:36AM   300000341
Madeline Connick Imperial George NSr1 Sun 9:18AM 12:08PM 12:28PM   300010324
Kira Connor A Lion Among Ladies OP2 Sat 8:54AM 11:31AM 11:51AM   300007149
Phoebe Cooke Top Gun ON2 Sun 12:18PM 2:06PM 2:26PM Signatures not complete;  
Keely Cooley An Irish Blessing BNJrYr Sun 12:36PM 3:48PM 4:08PM    
Amira Cooney Calvin NJr Sun 11:04AM 1:00PM 1:20PM    
Gary Coppage Integerity BNSr Sun 1:00PM 3:14PM 3:34PM    
Annabelle Coppersmith Zenani ON2 Sun 12:24PM 2:08PM 2:28PM    
Suzannah Cornue Fashionable Man OBN Sun 2:52PM 4:36PM 4:56PM late fee;; owe 50 300021002
Kem Courtenay Young Lad NSr1 Sun 8:42AM 11:56AM 12:16PM    
Sarah Crocker Liberty River NSr2 Sun 10:16AM 1:20PM 1:40PM    
Shelby Crowley MVF's Blue's Qs TJrYr Sat 12:10PM 2:27PM 2:47PM    
Andrea Cushing Gargamellow BNSr Sun 2:24PM 3:42PM 4:02PM   300015780
Mikayla Cutler Atavism NJr Sun 10:34AM 12:50PM 1:10PM    
Lindy Davenport Dazzlin Dr Cologne NH Sun 8:36AM 10:42AM 11:02AM    
Lindy Davenport Allie TR Sat 12:12PM 2:51PM 3:11PM    
Katherine DeLaney Canto Royale OT Sat 10:06AM 1:11PM 1:31PM Signatures not complete;  
Michelle Deleon Grassroots ON2 Sun 1:06PM 2:22PM 2:42PM    
Avery Derby JB TJrYr Sat 11:16AM 2:09PM 2:29PM coggins out of date and did not indicate new one to be sent, Signatures not complete;  
Gabby Dickerson Governor SGS OP2 Sat 9:18AM 11:39AM 11:59AM Signatures not complete;  
Gabby Dickerson Grand Floridian TH Sat 1:18PM 3:17PM 3:37PM owe 20  
Lee DiGangi Eleventh Hour OBN Sun 3:16PM 4:44PM 5:04PM    
Malcolm Dilley Lorrie TR Sat 11:42AM 2:41PM 3:01PM owe 20  
Neil Donnelly Fool Proof OP2 Sat 8:00AM 11:06AM 11:26AM USEF trainer not up to date with fee; ; Signatures not complete;  
Martin Douzant Frame Loriot 371 TH Sat 1:54PM 3:29PM 3:49PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owe 50  
Martin Douzant Frame Bold Mark OBN Sun 2:28PM 4:28PM 4:48PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owe 50  
Karlee Duda Silver Lining BNJrYr Sun 1:18PM 4:02PM 4:22PM    
Katelyn Duda More Ways Than One TJrYr Sat 11:28AM 2:13PM 2:33PM   300020637
Amber Duncan Renegade NSr1 Sun 9:42AM 12:16PM 12:36PM sent in but not signed; Signatures not complete;  
Jessica Eads Upgrade NSr1 Sun 8:24AM 11:50AM 12:10PM    
Carly Easton Brazen Bomber TR Sat 11:36AM 2:39PM 2:59PM    
Paul Ebersole Waterline TH Sat 1:36PM 3:23PM 3:43PM    
Christine Ehlers Cloudy Times ON1 Sun 8:12AM 11:10AM 11:30AM owe 20  
Karen Eichert Trumbull BNSr Sun 2:12PM 3:38PM 3:58PM    
Shannon Ellis Femme Fatale TR Sat 11:30AM 2:37PM 2:57PM    
Natalie Epstein Lickity Split TSr Sat 10:46AM 1:29PM 1:49PM    
Edward Ewbank Madison Avenue OBN Sun 3:04PM 4:40PM 5:00PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Amy Faison Tall Order BNSr Sun 12:48PM 3:10PM 3:30PM   300021752
Amy Faison Reiver OBN Sun 2:04PM 4:20PM 4:40PM   300004972
Jamie Farah Aisling NSr1 Sun 8:18AM 11:48AM 12:08PM   300010562
Jessica Farah Ice Charm NH Sun 9:00AM 10:50AM 11:10AM   300015703
Leslie Favre Remington TR Sat 12:42PM 3:01PM 3:21PM    
Adam Fillius Gentleman's Choice BNSr Sun 12:54PM 3:12PM 3:32PM    
Meghan Fillius Dress Blue BNSr Sun 1:42PM 3:28PM 3:48PM    
Mary Fleming Self Appointed TR Sat 1:06PM 3:09PM 3:29PM Signatures not complete; 300017141
Zara Flores-Kinney Elusive Dassett OT Sat 10:12AM 1:13PM 1:33PM    
Abby Foltz What Everett Takes TSr Sat 10:58AM 1:33PM 1:53PM   300008943
Anthony Forrest Toll House OP1 Sat 9:18AM 10:39AM 10:59AM    
Mary Fox Apollo's Gold OBN Sun 2:34PM 4:30PM 4:50PM Signatures not complete;  
Melissa Fox Diamond Legacy TR Sat 11:54AM 2:45PM 3:05PM   300003478
Angie Francart Ark of Ages OBN Sun 2:58PM 4:38PM 4:58PM   300012606
Angie Francart Lion TSr Sat 11:28AM 1:43PM 2:03PM    
Macy Franchebois Revilee ON2 Sun 1:00PM 2:20PM 2:40PM    
Colin Fraser Grey Goose ON1 Sun 9:30AM 11:36AM 11:56AM    
Colin Fraser Waltzing Matilda NH Sun 8:06AM 10:32AM 10:52AM    
Leslie Frederick MTF Hightower TSr Sat 11:04AM 1:35PM 1:55PM    
Ariana Freeman Piper Saratoga BNJrYr Sun 1:24PM 4:04PM 4:24PM   300019317
Amy Gaynor Studly Dudley NSr1 Sun 8:30AM 11:52AM 12:12PM    
Susan Gehris Watch Me OBN Sun 3:22PM 4:46PM 5:06PM    
Kelly Giunta Witham TSr Sat 12:04PM 1:55PM 2:15PM   300015131
Cassandra Good In Her Hey Day BNJrYr Sun 1:30PM 4:06PM 4:26PM   300018893
Lucy Gordon Swan's Glory OP1 Sat 9:06AM 10:33AM 10:53AM    
Anna Grafchikova Una Amiga Amar BNSr Sun 1:48PM 3:30PM 3:50PM    
Devon Gray Cetano TJrYr Sat 10:52AM 2:01PM 2:21PM    
Karleigh Gray Rhumba BCF TJrYr Sat 11:52AM 2:21PM 2:41PM    
Kristen Gray Corsen SR OP1 Sat 9:30AM 10:45AM 11:05AM    
Sarah Greenway Luckaun Cruising Quality TH Sat 1:30PM 3:21PM 3:41PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Sarah Greenway LF Athena NH Sun 9:36AM 11:02AM 11:22AM Signatures not complete;  
Nancy Grey Boomtown II BNSr Sun 1:54PM 3:32PM 3:52PM    
Ella Groner Grafton OP1 Sat 8:24AM 10:12AM 10:32AM    
Lauren Hagarty Bellini NH Sun 8:42AM 10:44AM 11:04AM owe 20  
Rebecca Hagy Boogaloo NJr Sun 10:28AM 12:48PM 1:08PM    
Lisa Hannan Brewmaster ON1 Sun 8:54AM 11:24AM 11:44AM    
Chloe Hannum Santas Playboy NJr Sun 11:16AM 1:04PM 1:24PM    
Lakyn Harlow Gunnar TJrYr Sat 11:58AM 2:23PM 2:43PM    
Patricia Healy Traditional Hat Man BNSr Sun 1:18PM 3:20PM 3:40PM    
Helen Hickson Ballyneety Marion TSr Sat 11:34AM 1:45PM 2:05PM Signatures not complete;  
Alexis Hobbs Brody BNJrYr Sun 1:36PM 4:08PM 4:28PM    
Regan Hofman Sky Hawk OBN Sun 2:40PM 4:32PM 4:52PM owe 286  
Samantha Homeyer Dora the Explorer BNJrYr Sun 1:48PM 4:12PM 4:32PM    
Alexis Horn Here Comes The Judge NSr1 Sun 8:12AM 11:46AM 12:06PM    
Sophie Horn Kynynmont Eminently Irish TJrYr Sat 11:46AM 2:19PM 2:39PM    
Cali Johnson Black Label OP2 Sat 9:00AM 11:33AM 11:53AM   300015271
Ella Rae Jones Waverly Fields Kaylou NJr Sun 10:40AM 12:52PM 1:12PM    
Timothy Jones Just A Blemish TR Sat 12:30PM 2:57PM 3:17PM    
Mikaela Kantorowski Ringfort Swan Song OP1 Sat 10:06AM 11:03AM 11:23AM    
Emma Keahon PS Duty Calls TJrYr Sat 12:16PM 2:29PM 2:49PM    
Lindsay Kelley Cooley Romance ON2 Sun 12:00PM 2:00PM 2:20PM owe 291  
Lena-Adriana Kennedy Ridgetop Smurfy Himself NJr Sun 10:10AM 12:42PM 1:02PM    
Alston Kerr Sir Earl Grey NSr1 Sun 8:54AM 12:00PM 12:20PM    
William Kidwell Tremolo TJrYr Sat 11:04AM 2:05PM 2:25PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Maya Knowles Junebug NJr Sun 10:52AM 12:56PM 1:16PM    
Julia Korey Street Cruise TSr Sat 11:22AM 1:41PM 2:01PM   300000666
Mary Kreider Lusi NSr1 Sun 9:1AM 12:06PM 12:26PM    
Jocelyn Kriss Parker Orvyn OBN Sun 2:10PM 4:22PM 4:42PM    
Caitlin Kuczynski Fernhill Blueprint OT Sat 8:36AM 12:41PM 1:01PM    
Caitlin Kuczynski Fernhill Showboat TH Sat 2:30PM 3:41PM 4:01PM    
Brittany Kuntz Heat Inndex OP1 Sat 9:36AM 10:48AM 11:08AM owe 20  
Lisa Landis Unusual Attitude NSr1 Sun 9:06AM 12:04PM 12:24PM   30001128
Stevie Lane Carmen NSr1 Sun 8:36AM 11:54AM 12:14PM    
Katie LaVallee High Speed Internet BNJrYr Sun 1:06PM 3:58PM 4:18PM   300012949
Anna Lawson My Amelia TJrYr Sat 10:58AM 2:03PM 2:23PM   300018189
Lance LeClair Missy Clare NSr2 Sun 10:40AM 1:28PM 1:48PM    
John Livermore Bridon Glenmore ON2 Sun 1:42PM 2:34PM 2:54PM    
Kimberly Loushin Osh Kosh NSr2 Sun 10:10AM 1:18PM 1:38PM   300002878
Ella Lucas Truthful Saint ON1 Sun 8:24AM 11:14AM 11:34AM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; Horse USEA # missing, owe 30  
Laurel Lundstrom Proof Of Miracles OBN Sun 2:46PM 4:34PM 4:54PM   300006188
Alexandra Major My Security Blanket TJrYr Sat 12:34PM 2:35PM 2:55PM    
Clare Mansmann Bodza BNSr Sun 12:36PM 3:06PM 3:26PM changed rider; ; Signatures not complete; owe 30  
Clare Mansmann Buff Dude OBN Sun 2:22PM 4:26PM 4:46PM   300021433
Thomas Mansmann Duncan BNSr Sun 1:06PM 3:16PM 3:36PM   300018403
Ellen Marin He's A Cooley NSr2 Sun 11:28AM 1:44PM 2:04PM    
Kurt Martin Diligent Citation Effort TH Sat 2:42PM 3:45PM 4:05PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Kurt Martin Cushina Taurus OT Sat 8:42AM 12:43PM 1:03PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owe 20  
Kurt Martin Compromise Elsewhere OP1 Sat 8:00AM 10:00AM 10:20AM Signatures not complete;  
Taylor Martin Stiletto ON2 Sun 12:36PM 2:12PM 2:32PM    
Becky Maticic Dark Secrets TR Sat 12:54PM 3:05PM 3:25PM    
Sarah Mauro Up to No Good OBN Sun 3:46PM 4:54PM 5:14PM   300019595
Katie Mayo Mr. Mayhem TR Sat 12:48PM 3:03PM 3:23PM   300010462
Diane McCool The Doc Is In NSr1 Sun 9:36AM 12:14PM 12:34PM changed horse and rider; ; owe 60  
Rachel McDonough Mr. Lit TH Sat 1:48PM 3:27PM 3:47PM coggins not sent,  
Claire McElwain Cobras Spots NSr2 Sun 10:22AM 1:22PM 1:42PM   300000353
Blair McGehee Red Comet TR Sat 12:24PM 2:55PM 3:15PM   300001280
Morgan McGrath Mizz Indy Cat OT Sat 9:24AM 12:57PM 1:17PM   300011633
Christina McKitrick Nolo OP1 Sat 8:06AM 10:03AM 10:23AM   300012082
Christina McKitrick Lotte Lenya Q OP2 Sat 9:24AM 11:41AM 12:01PM    
Ellyn McMahon Copernicus OP1 Sat 9:24AM 10:42AM 11:02AM    
Sean McQuillan Bastiaan OP1 Sat 8:12AM 10:06AM 10:26AM owe 20  
Sean McQuillan Fulham OP2 Sat 9:12AM 11:37AM 11:57AM    
Sean McQuillan Silk Slipper NH Sun 9:42AM 11:04AM 11:24AM changed division; ; owe 50  
Julie Miller Chalie NSr2 Sun 11:10AM 1:38PM 1:58PM    
James Moore DeAngelo NH Sun 9:12AM 10:54AM 11:14AM   300018109
Cindi Moravec Holloway NSr2 Sun 11:16AM 1:40PM 2:00PM   300013703
Lara Morris Shooting Doubles NSr2 Sun 10:28AM 1:24PM 1:44PM    
Erin Murphy Viola OT Sat 8:30AM 12:39PM 12:59PM    
Erin Murphy Table Talk OBN Sun 1:58PM 4:18PM 4:38PM Signatures not complete; owe 30 300014754
Margaret Myers Arikara TR Sat 12:00PM 2:47PM 3:07PM    
Penny Neault Cooley Grand Finale NSr2 Sun 11:22AM 1:42PM 2:02PM    
Benjamin Noonan Keep Kitty TJrYr Sat 10:40AM 1:57PM 2:17PM    
Bridget Noonan Bojangles NJr Sun 11:28AM 1:08PM 1:28PM    
Heather Novak Hallston BNSr Sun 2:18PM 3:40PM 4:00PM    
Meghan O'Donoghue Lazaretto TH Sat 2:06PM 3:33PM 3:53PM    
Meghan O'Donoghue Berbs Monarchy ON2 Sun 1:12PM 2:24PM 2:44PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Meghan O'Donoghue Sun Nature NH Sun 8:00AM 10:30AM 10:50AM changed horses; need new entry; ; coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; owe 50  
Meghan O'Donoghue Crownmeroyal ON1 Sun 8:42AM 11:20AM 11:40AM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Sharon Odenkirk Pocomoonshine OP1 Sat 8:36AM 10:18AM 10:38AM   300000391
Courtney Olmstead Claire TH Sat 1:00PM 3:11PM 3:31PM coggins out of date and did not indicate new one to be sent, Signatures not complete;  
Courtney Olmstead Douce ON2 Sun 12:54PM 2:18PM 2:38PM coggins out of date and did not indicate new one to be sent, Signatures not complete;  
Kiki Osbourne Galvani ON1 Sun 8:06AM 11:08AM 11:28AM   300009077
Kelsey Owens Ghosts of Windsor BNSr Sun 2:36PM 3:46PM 4:06PM    
Sarah Palzkill Mr. Success NJr Sun 11:22AM 1:06PM 1:26PM    
Silvio Pappalardo He's My Rock TSr Sat 11:40AM 1:47PM 2:07PM   300011386
Kathryn Partigan Ardeo Mermus Hill NSr2 Sun 11:04AM 1:36PM 1:56PM    
Mary Ellen Perry Cozmos BNSr Sun 1:24PM 3:22PM 3:42PM    
Alyssa Peterson R-Perfect Storm OP2 Sat 8:24AM 11:18AM 11:38AM    
Janelle Phaneuf Landmark's Jungle ROC ON1 Sun 9:36AM 11:38AM 11:58AM    
Janelle Phaneuf Carrowgar Cannagh Hugo NH Sun 8:24AM 10:38AM 10:58AM    
Sadie Phifer Gusty Day BNJrYr Sun 1:12PM 4:00PM 4:20PM    
Samantha Pitcher Waffles ala Dim NSr2 Sun 9:58AM 1:14PM 1:34PM   300003739
Casey Poe Hershey TJrYr Sat 12:04PM 2:25PM 2:45PM    
Colby Poe Liberty Bell BNJrYr Sun 12:42PM 3:50PM 4:10PM    
Susan Pope RAISON D'ETRE OBN Sun 3:10PM 4:42PM 5:02PM    
Catherine Pournelle MTF Cooley Knight TJrYr Sat 11:22AM 2:11PM 2:31PM    
Annika Quanbeck Dale Brook Ladybug BNJrYr Sun 2:00PM 4:16PM 4:36PM    
Manon Quilodran Orison OT Sat 8:54AM 12:47PM 1:07PM    
Elisabeth Reigel Expialidocious ON1 Sun 9:00AM 11:26AM 11:46AM    
Coree Reuter-McNamara Another Concerto BNSr Sun 1:30PM 3:24PM 3:44PM   300014126
Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch True Bellamy OP1 Sat 8:18AM 10:09AM 10:29AM    
Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch Thrill Seeker OT Sat 9:06AM 12:51PM 1:11PM   300018459
Stephanie Rhodes-Bosch Abstract Cape NH Sun 9:06AM 10:52AM 11:12AM   300021209
Elizabeth Ricklefs Idlehour Patriot TSr Sat 11:46AM 1:49PM 2:09PM    
Elizabeth Ricklefs Windmeadow Bailey TR Sat 12:36PM 2:59PM 3:19PM    
Elizabeth Rivera Consuela NH Sun 9:18AM 10:56AM 11:16AM    
Elisa Rodriguez Fenway Park BNJrYr Sun 12:54PM 3:54PM 4:14PM    
Gabriella Rogers Epona's Mighty Warrior NJr Sun 10:58AM 12:58PM 1:18PM    
Makenna Rold Street Fighting TJrYr Sat 12:28PM 2:33PM 2:53PM owe 296  
Victoria Rosenblatt Centerfold OP2 Sat 8:06AM 11:09AM 11:29AM Signatures not complete;  
Jacqui Ross Smoke and Mirrors OP1 Sat 9:48AM 10:54AM 11:14AM    
Goldie Roth Rain Dancer TR Sat 12:18PM 2:53PM 3:13PM    
Cameron Rouse Rummy TH Sat 1:24PM 3:19PM 3:39PM   300016143
Jillian Rozga Angel in Disguise NJr Sun 10:46AM 12:54PM 1:14PM   300018108
Ashley Russell Philharmonic ON1 Sun 8:36AM 11:18AM 11:38AM    
Claudia Sarnoff Fernhill Phish OT Sat 9:48AM 1:05PM 1:25PM    
Claudia Sarnoff Callan Quinto OP2 Sat 8:30AM 11:21AM 11:41AM    
Kaiti Saunders Goosehunter ON2 Sun 1:30PM 2:30PM 2:50PM   300016085
Christa Schmidt Carlingford's Bouncer NSr1 Sun 8:06AM 11:44AM 12:04PM    
Christa Schmidt RF Overdressed NSr2 Sun 10:46AM 1:30PM 1:50PM    
Allyssa Schnitzer Call Me Cricket NJr Sun 11:34AM 1:10PM 1:30PM    
Hannah Schofield Fastidious NH Sun 9:24AM 10:58AM 11:18AM   300017628
Samantha Schutz Demitri NSr2 Sun 10:52AM 1:32PM 1:52PM    
Mary Schwentker Cactus Dazzler OP2 Sat 8:42AM 11:27AM 11:47AM    
Mary Schwentker Andromeda NH Sun 8:48AM 10:46AM 11:06AM    
Bryanna Sealor Blue Cliff BNJrYr Sun 12:48PM 3:52PM 4:12PM    
Kim Severson Exclusively Cooley OT Sat 9:18AM 12:55PM 1:15PM    
Molly Sherman Winsome OP1 Sat 8:30AM 10:15AM 10:35AM owe 20  
Emily Shilling Pirate TR Sat 11:48AM 2:43PM 3:03PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete; 300019652
Anna Shortt Lochlan TJrYr Sat 11:10AM 2:07PM 2:27PM Signatures not complete; 300014897
Curran Simpson RF Cosmos NSr2 Sun 10:34AM 1:26PM 1:46PM    
Austin Skeens Rocmaster OP2 Sat 8:48AM 11:29AM 11:49AM    
Allison Smith Gude Affair OP1 Sat 9:54AM 10:57AM 11:17AM owe 20  
Sydney Solomon Qui Luma OP2 Sat 8:36AM 11:24AM 11:44AM    
Mark Soresi Geoffrey - a Giraffe from Africa OP1 Sat 8:54AM 10:27AM 10:47AM    
Sherry Stephenson Benjamin Brat BNSr Sun 12:42PM 3:08PM 3:28PM    
Samantha Stilley The Duke of Hazard NSr2 Sun 11:34AM 1:46PM 2:06PM Signatures not complete; owe 20 300017591
Abbey Stone Indiana II TJrYr Sat 11:40AM 2:17PM 2:37PM   300014815
Leo Subler Flagship Sandy OBN Sun 3:58PM 4:58PM 5:18PM    
Tara Swersie Chatsworth TSr Sat 11:10AM 1:37PM 1:57PM    
Kelli Temple Metallica OP1 Sat 9:12AM 10:36AM 10:56AM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Kelli Temple Caleesi OP2 Sat 10:00AM 11:53AM 12:13PM Signatures not complete;  
Francesca Toms Top Secret ON2 Sun 1:24PM 2:28PM 2:48PM    
Kendyl Tracy Uptown Indy OP2 Sat 9:36AM 11:45AM 12:05PM    
Ashley Trier Quality Vintage NH Sun 9:30AM 11:00AM 11:20AM    
Sally Turner LHF Chaucer NSr2 Sun 10:04AM 1:16PM 1:36PM    
Lauren Varga Astaire To The Future OBN Sun 3:34PM 4:50PM 5:10PM owe 20  
David Vos Get Ready Get Set OT Sat 8:48AM 12:45PM 1:05PM owe 20  
David Vos Apollo TH Sat 2:18PM 3:37PM 3:57PM owe 20  
Skyeler Voss Big Bad Tattoo ON1 Sun 8:00AM 11:06AM 11:26AM changed rider; need entry; ; owe 30  
Skyeler Voss Kontiki ON2 Sun 12:30PM 2:10PM 2:30PM coggins not sent, Signatures not complete;  
Natalie Wales Only One OP2 Sat 8:12AM 11:12AM 11:32AM   300010812
Natalie Wales Smart Rush OT Sat 9:00AM 12:49PM 1:09PM   300017013
Natalie Wales Private equity TH Sat 2:00PM 3:31PM 3:51PM   300017014
Natalie Wales Starfish ON2 Sun 12:42PM 2:14PM 2:34PM    
Madeleine Wallach Belle Grey's Galliano TJrYr Sat 11:34AM 2:15PM 2:35PM    
Erin Weil Potentate TR Sat 1:00PM 3:07PM 3:27PM   300003429
Christina Welch We Will NSr2 Sun 10:58AM 1:34PM 1:54PM Signatures not complete;  
Michaline West Southport BNSr Sun 1:36PM 3:26PM 3:46PM    
Sharon White Masterel OP1 Sat 8:42AM 10:21AM 10:41AM    
Sharon White Sydney OP2 Sat 9:48AM 11:49AM 12:09PM    
Sharon White High Fashion TH Sat 2:24PM 3:39PM 3:59PM    
Linden Wiesman Cruising for Gold OP1 Sat 10:00AM 11:00AM 11:20AM    
Alexandra Wikstrom Change Order OP2 Sat 9:42AM 11:47AM 12:07PM   30002464
Rachel Wilks Celtic King ON2 Sun 12:48PM 2:16PM 2:36PM    
Mackenzie Williams Get Serious OT Sat 10:24AM 1:17PM 1:37PM    
Mackenzie Williams Leroy ON1 Sun 8:48AM 11:22AM 11:42AM late fee; ; owe 50 300004164
Claire Wolsk Arnold the Terminator NJr Sun 10:04AM 12:40PM 1:00PM    
Lindsay Woods Hot Rod Power ON2 Sun 1:36PM 2:32PM 2:52PM    
Louisa Woodville Empress TSr Sat 10:16AM 1:19PM 1:39PM Missed early bird ; owe 20  
Michaela Yowaiski Darla Doll OT Sat 9:30AM 12:59PM 1:19PM   300001599
Michaela Yowaiski Bijoux Bay OBN Sun 3:52PM 4:56PM 5:16PM    
Michaela Yowaiski Teslin Bay ON1 Sun 9:06AM 11:28AM 11:48AM    

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